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  • Please use the following list as an additional data source - the ship listings from around 404KHz may prove particularly useful:
    [ William Hepburn's LF List ]
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RNA only 3303
REU only 7933
RNA + REU 1546
RWW 14888

RNA Listeners
Locations 286
Loggings 385424
First log 15 Feb 1986
Last log 24 Apr 2017

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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
203 AB -1039 1035 6.072   'Reney' Aberdeen SD USA EN05uj     AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC OH OR TX 92 2017-02-03
215 AT 1037 1037 5.85   'Lican' Watertown SD USA EN14kt     AZ BC CA CO IL MN MO MT NC NE OR TX 83 2017-03-13
245 FS 1022 1026 6.0   'Rokky' Sioux Falls SD USA EN13ol 100 300w rptd; 60' vertical AB AZ BC CA CO CT FL IA IL MA MD MI MN MO MS MT NB NC NE NH NJ NM NS NV NY OH ON OR QC SD TN TX UT VA WA WI 349 2017-03-15
302 HO 1034 1035 8.40   'Beady' Huron SD USA EN04tk   20101031 - Steve Ratzlaff reports its back on the air with a moderately fast ident AB AZ CO IL MN MO NE OR TX 17 2017-03-16
335 BK 1033 1043     'CHRLZ' Brookings SD USA EN14mi     AZ CA CO IL MN MO NE OR TX WI 38 2017-04-23
347 YK 1045 1047 9.410   'Cagur' Yankton SD USA EN12iu     AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC NE OH ON OR SD TN TX VA WI 159 2017-04-23
392 AGZ 1050 1012 7.3   Wagner SD USA EN03ub 25 ULS WPZP253 - 'T' antenna - Jim Smith reports (2006-01-29) 'Frequency unstable- offset +1030 moved to 105 in just two minutes' AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC NE NY OH ON OR SD TN TX UT WA 168 2016-12-29
254 RA 1042 1035 7.9   'Ranch' Rapid City SD USA DN83mx     AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC NE NV OH ON OR SD TN TX UT WA 205 2015-03-19
269 EFC   1040     Belle Fourche SD USA DN84br 25   CO 3 2006-11-10
300 SPF   1021 5.0   'Black Hills' Spearfish SD USA DN84cl   NOTAM OTS 2012-04-04 AB CO IL OR 12 2010-12-05
371 MKA         Miller (Municipal) SD USA EN04mm 50   AB 2 1990-12-26
375 VMR 1015 1050 5.416   Vermillion SD USA EN12ms   20110425 - Michael Oexner reports it is deleted or planned to be deleted. AZ CA CO IL MI MN NC OH ON OR TX 60 2010-03-21
386 BTN   1034 5.6   Britton SD USA EN15dt   Rptd negative keying''V T A-------- (with A the start the of the dash)'' (2005-01-03 Steve R). Proposed as BTN by Keith VA3QF (2005-01-03) and confirmed by Steve R after retiming cycles for the two. AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN NS NY OH ON OR TX UT 61 2007-05-07
400 MDS   1014 6.2   'Wentworth' Madison SD USA EN14ka   2012-10-14 Michael Oexner reports that its been deleted -- +1050 Hz rptd -- 2012-09-19 George Sherman reports it is OTA AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC NE OH ON OR TX UT WA HI 127 2012-07-27
407 RVB 1047 1066 6.181   'Riverbend' Mobridge SD USA DN95tn   20100826 - Don Tomkinson reports its OTS AB AZ BC CA CO IL MD MI MN NC NE NH NM NS OH ON OR SD TX UT 81 2009-08-23

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